Thursday, October 20, 2005

Scoring day (Updated 10-21 )

Armando Trovajoli

1 ) "Blazing Magnum" from "Una magnum special per Tony Saitta" soundtrack - 1976

probably the ONLY true italian composer that knew how to give a "blaxploitation" feel to his soundtracks when scoring italian action movies (AKA poliziotteschi)

most of his peers of the time had different approach when scoring movies and trace of their european and italian roots always surfaced........

Trovaioli always somehow knew how to give a more "american" funk delivering ...

he show this in his collaboration with the soul jazz band "Marc 4" and other scores like "La mala ordina" (aka manhunt) a collaboration with director Fernando Di Leo , one of the greatest italian artisan of the genre

2) La mala ordina - Main Theme 1972

the quality of the track is not very good cause it never came out a proper release of the soundtrack, still the jamming title track worth to be heard

and last but not least , takin from a rhythm pattern that resembles "take 5" a beautifully brass leaden track named "Caccia al ladro" that came out from one of the Easy Tempo collection......

3) Caccia al ladro

Hope you like these selections !

see you soon

P.S = unfortunately I have to delete the tracks after few days for obvious reasons...but I will try to upload new tracks often, asap

Monday, October 17, 2005

Lonnie liston smith &

The Cosmic Echoes
"Peace & Love"

While I always been a fan of Lonnie Smith soulful brand of organ "grease", I' ve never been into Lonnie liston Smith kind of "spiritual fusion with spatial overtones"

In fact if you give a look to the list of his former employers that besides Miles Davis includes Pharoah Sanders, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Gato Barbieri, and Betty Carter,
you can draw that conclusion that while often challenging and compelling from a musician perspective, the music that came from these guys (besides some exceptions) hardly can be considered satisfying from a old school"groove" - perspective .

The Chosmic Echoes of course represented the most commercial side of that music, but even mixing with some funk & Pop elements I never found the good Lonnie 's electric piano as exciting as (sayin') his near-homonym organ grinding .

Of course it's just a matter of taste, cause it's obvious this music is indeed very well crafted

But after a long research, Lp after Lp I found a little soulful masterpiece in this 1976 short jam called like a 60's flower-power motto :

Don't make the mistake : it's a G-R-E-A-T Funky tune with wah raw clavinet and infectious rhythm....... you can find it in the album "Reflection of a golden dream" originally issued for the glorious little label Flying Dutchman

Friday, October 14, 2005

a funky kind of drummer

Joe Dukes this overlooked drummer discography , you can notice how his collaborations end in 1970, with the jam recorded on stage with the superb lonnie smith : "live at mozambique"

he was an explosive drummer and to quote a Ritchie Unterberger review " Dukes playing brief fills on just about every part of the kit he can. "

this is also true for the live at monzambique with lonnie smith......Joe 's playing is one of the funkiest playing I E-V-E-R heard's jazz playing that just enhance the funk of each song........ the horns riffing on the track "scream"

could be easily part of the James Brown repertoire
courtesy of Lonnie own kind of roots in Soul and R&B ......

But Joe , like Jack McDuff said, "knows how to wear many hats" ....he was one of his loyal partner and together with G.Benson and R Holloway made the Mcduff quartet legendarious in the 60's much that Cannonball Adderley once told "...probably the best organ combo on the whole planet !!!"

Like every great musicians he had talent, taste and skills, but knew the less is more approach........listen to how unpretentious and low profile is this solo on the first track of one of the last recording he did with Jack mcduff (Moon Rappin')


Thursday, October 13, 2005


yeah........ the extra "e" is correct

Classic Funke
Brother Jack McDuff

Here is the man, the man everybody knows since the 60's , since tunes like "sanctified samba", the man that first employed Gerge Benson , the man that sponsored "funk inc", the man who gave lessons to a young Di Francesco.......

Jack McDuff is a great organ player........he got the blues, he is a bluesman first and foremost so when he got a hot good thing goin with the rhythm , he play raw & funky as no one else

he is the man !

this hot track is taken from the 1970 album "Who knows what tomorrow's gonna bring" .....and has a very great psychedelic feel...

..the players include a young Tony Levin on bass, when he was just another "hired gun".......

enjoy !

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Soul to Disco

Something that you got
Quiet Elegance

A female trio from Detroit, formed by singers Yvonne "Frankie" Gearing, Mildred Vaney, and Lois Reeves publishing seven singles produced by Willie Mitchell and issued by "Hi" records

the touch of Willie M. was evident in the first bunch of singles, also cause the girls were often asked to record label mate Al green hits as "Have you been makin out ok?"

in the 2nd part of seventies of course with the coming of a more glamour kind of soul, the southern sound of "Hi" house band (the memphis born hodges brothers) was unrecognizable under layers of near discofized production, still this song has a highly energetic funk-climax and a great performance from the three girls

the 45 single was issued as "hi2312" along with the song "after you" in 1976 for the "Hi" Label and shows how even B sides jams, back in the day were still great songs.....

.... while nowaday sometimes even A-sides are pretty "let down" affairs

Sunday, October 09, 2005

today selection is

Kojak Theme
John Gregory Orchestra

Taken from the 1976 "cop show themes" cover album named "The Detectives",
John Gregory conduct his orchestra through different themes ....

this hidden jam has really the core in the middle section where it really bring the funk with a series of break beats courtesy of drummer extraordinaire Ronnie Verrell

as for the original kojak series ,starring Terry Savalas it was originally broadcasted on CBS (60 mins) from October 1, 1973

john gregory interview at Vinyl volture

Saturday, October 08, 2005


first day....

here some latin groove
to start on the good foot

from his 1975 "Superfreak" album:

& The latin soul brothers

- Judy's mood
- Superfly Medley (superfly,Pusherman,Freddie is dead)

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